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disposable proctoscope is designed for examination of the anal canal in patients suspected of bleeding from haemorrhoids, benign, polyps or malignancies. the obturator olivary tip is shaped for dilating the anal orifice as the device is inserted into the anal canal. it is locked into the speculum and removed easily with an easy 90 degree turn of the handle.

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obturator and the end of the Proctoscope ensures maximum patient comfort • Exceptional distal tip illumination gives a bright and clear view and has a grip-friendly surface for easy operation. Also available as a variant with only hand pump (without balloon), art. no. 1566th

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The proctoscope with obturator in situ is well lubricated and introduced into the anal canal; while introducing the device, one must remember that the anal canal is directed upwards and forwards towards the umbilicus of the patient. After it has been fully introduced, the obturator is taken out, and the inside of the proctoscope is well

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 · The instrument described there is a proctoscope. A proctoscope is used in medicine for inspection of the anal duct and the lower portion of the rectum of a patient. For this purpose, the proctoscope is introduced into the anal duct with an obturator, inserted into a tube, whose distal end is of beveled configuration.

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• Integrated obturator design prevents obstruction EV-01112 25mm Proctoscope with Illuminator Box of 25 Proctoscope 19mm and 25mm KOALA Medical Pty Ltd WORLD CLASS MEDICAL SUPPLIES, • Quick and easy operation • Reduce set up time and the cost of sterilization of the handle

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obturator and the end of the Proctoscope • Long service life • Good fit 1564. 17 1564X is a supplement to our range of rektoskopljushuvud. It has Storz gaps and magnifying glass in the lid. • 3 year warranty • CE marked • Approved according to IEC 60601-1.

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 · Proctoscope with obturators. Also known as a rectoscope, a proctoscope is a medical instrument used to open and look into the anal cavity, rectal cavity or sigmoid colon. This procedure is usually carried out to check for haemorrhoids or other similar discomforts. The obturators are designed so that their rounded end protrudes through the far

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stainless steel, guarantees easy and quick reprocessing thus ensuring a long service life. Proctoscope tube (8836.085) with obturator (8836.087), straight 21 mm 120mm 836.0 1 Ø NL / WL Type / Type 18 mm 120mm 8 36.0 1 12 8mm 100 mm 836.051 21 mm 90 mm 836.021

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  • The present invention relates to a proctoscope for the diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of hemorrhoids. It is estimated that in Western industrial countries, based on 100,000 people, approximately 1000 doctors' appointments are required each year in order to diagnose and treat problems of the hemorrhoidal arteries. Depending on the severity of these problems (the medic…
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    Distal end of tube angled. Assures a good view and easy access with instruments. All-metal construction. Easy to clean and disinfect with conventional solutions. Tubes with straight direction of view Anoscope tube 60 mm x 22 mm dia., complete with obturator E-000.19.111 Proctoscope tube 120 mm x 22 mm dia., complete with obturator E-000.19.107