We create ecological packaging

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Producer of ecological packaging made of recycled molded pulp.

We are professionals

By professionalism we understand the ability to meet the needs of clients on every step of the way. Innovative machinery allows us to economically, effective and precise implement technology of forming light products of various shapes and sizes.

We provide result

The process of series production is followed by preparing the concept, design, prototypes, and performing the tests. On the end of the day, the client receives ready product meeting all strict quality, durability and esthetic standards.

We support sales

When choosing the product, the client takes a few factors into account. One of the most important things taken into consideration is fully attractive and professional packaging. The products of PULPACK stand out because of their durability and esthetics, and this significantly affects purchasing decisions of the final customer.

We protect the product

Our products are very long lasting and thus unfailingly play the key role of packaging. The perfectly secure use value of the product by protecting it from harmful external factors such as damage or disassemble.

We are ECO

For manufacturing our products we use biodegradable, eco-friendly carboard raw materials, 100% recycled. The process of manufacturing eco packaging is under sustainable supervision and is entirely safe for the environment.

We lower the costs

Relatively low costs of manufacturing packaging from recyclable raw materials reflect directly in the reduction of costs incurred by the customer due to the decrease of eco tax charges. Moreover, molded pulp products allow eco-storing and transport.

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