Molded pulp packaging.

We specialize in manufacturing of ecological packaging made of recycled molded pulp. Because of their ergonomics, flexibility and perfect technical specifications such products can be used in various industry areas, such as in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, energy and power, small and big appliance.

Ever since we started the business, the vision of our company PULPACK has been based on creating positive and effective relationship with the client. We achieve that by continuous implementation of reliable solutions and at keeping the best quality of services performed. Thanks to uncompromised durability and functionality, our products meet the expectations of both our vendors and final clients.

Our responsibility and professionalism, client orientation and optimized fulfilment of their needs, wide variety of solutions as well as competitive prices make us a recognized business partner.

Our offer

Product after-pressed

Perfect for securing during transport
as well as during storing

Product formed

and lasting

Product thermoformed

Ideal for decorations
and cosmetics uses

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